– Do You Like This Brand as Much as Others Do?

Do you know/remember websites like “Hot or not” or even “Goth or Not”. In the case of “Hot or not”, the primary goal of this website is simple; the main thing you need to do is judge whether or not someone is “hot” on a 1 to 10 scale. The concept is simple but addictive. However, what if a similar website was created concerning brands instead of people? In a quest to share his interests for branding, my friend and colleague Bob Mackalski just launched last week a nonprofit website entitled

Brand Mojo
Brand Mojo – What you need to do

So what is BrandMojo? Similarly to a website like “Hot or not”, all you need to do is to rate brands on a 1 to 5 scale, and if you don’t know a brand, you only need to press on the “skip” button. You can choose from four different types of brands: (1) Celebrities, (2) Corporate organizations, (3) Non-profit organizations, and (4) Geography.

The addictive part

The addictive part of this website comes from the fact that after rating a brand, you got the average score given by other participants on this brand. In this way, every time you rate one brand, you want to know if your perception is similar to others’ or if you just have awkward tastes. If you think it’s not addictive, just think more than 15,000 ratings have been made for the last week alone; I think some people find it addictive for sure!

Brand Mojo - Rating the brand Lexus after having rated the brand Google
Brand Mojo - Rating the brand Lexus after having rated the brand Google


Even though this website is all about having fun, how do you think this kind of website can be useful for managers? Do you think some modifications/extensions could be made to this website to make it even more managerially helpful or even more addictive? Feel free to express yourself!

Jean-Francois Belisle

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6 thoughts on “ – Do You Like This Brand as Much as Others Do?”

  1. I love the idea! I love the concept! A website that offers you and even encourages you to critique! Everyone is still hiding for expressing the wrong things. There either! The concept is great!

    I do not think anything should be added to this website. I first thought “why not add categories of logo evaluation, assessment of brand image, but …”, it would be a less addictive website! The simplicity makes the addiction!

    I am personally not that amused on the idea of countries with their flags to evaluate, so I “skip”!
    Such websites may be useful to managers, although the assessment is sometimes questionable! It is useful to know that a brand isn’t liked, but it is especially useful to know why it is not liked!

  2. Nice comment Mélissa. I totally agree that the section of flags of different countries is perhaps not the most interesting one. However, we can specify brands by section but that’s sometimes demanding too much out of me, so I prefer to press the “skip” button too.

  3. It’s fun to do the test and, like you said, see the average score.
    If people from different countries go to this website, I think it would be interesting to have an average score for each country or continent. In fact, I’m from France, and there are few brands I don’t know . Plus, there are few average scores that I think are very different from my score because I’m not from north america. Just a suggestion…

  4. You got an interesting point there Eve. There is a lot of potential for segmentation in terms of countries. I think that would be an interesting thing to implement once the number of ratings will be a little higher. This surely could be done based on IP address location. For the brands you don’t know, I think that’s normal, I feel the same here, but sometimes it just push my curiosity forward to find out who are these organizations.

  5. I also love the idea! This website is simple and I think it’s the reason why 15000 ratings have been made in one week. It’s a perfect way to have a global idea of what people think about some brands. But, I don’t think it will be a good idea to do some modifications to this website to make it more managerial because if it becomes a more complicated website, then it will be less addictive. For managers, it’s always helpful to know the perception of our brand but I don’t think this website is serious enough to make decisions according to how your brand is rate on “brand mojo”…..maybe in a few years…

  6. Glad you like the site JF!

    One thing that we are seeing from the site after more than 2 years of operations is that a lot of brands are a lot less stable than otherwise thought! You can see brand ratings drop suddenly with a crisis- and some quickly come back!

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