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The 10 Most Hi-Tech Cities in the World

When asked the question “which are the top 10 hi-tech cities in the world?”, even the most “tech savvy” candidates tend to have a hard time comparing and/or imagining what is happening on the other side of the globe. In this way, the question is worth asking, and frankly, is far from easy to answer. …


Three Types of Convergence – Is the Future Friendly?

Convergence, convergence and convergence, but what the heck are you talking about? Convergence can take many forms and since it is a buzzword for managers – along with words such as “viral”, “word-of-mouth”, “social media”, “sustainability” or “economic crisis” – there are still many individuals that have difficulties to define what convergence really is. According …


The Intelligent In-Store Displays Are Watching You

The famous expression “Big Brother is watching you”, directly taken from George Orwell’s visionary book entitled 1984, written in 1948 and published in 1949, hits the field of marketing one more time. And this time, in-store advertisers are the “evil” marketers involved. In this way, in-store advertisers have started to use facial recognition software incorporated …