The Battle of Web Analytics Solutions in 2013

by Jean-Francois Belisle on January 21, 2013

in Web Analytics

I’m loudly claiming that 2013 will be a great year for web analytics solutions! Actually, that’s my two cents on this market I’m monitoring on an everyday basis from both a selling and a practical perspective. So why 2013 should be a great year? Each of the top 4 web analytics solutions in North America [...]


What is Big Data? From Bytes to Petabytes

by Jean-Francois BelisleJune 21, 2012 Big Data

This post is the first of a series of posts related to Big Data, since I thought it was worth going in-depth with this topic. Big Data is a big word, a big buzzword, some might even call it big bullshit, since many components revolving around Big Data, and especially the ones on the analytics/methodology [...]

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Escalading New Summits With K3 Media

by Jean-Francois BelisleJune 3, 2012 Announcement

I’ve recently accepted a position as the new Director, Consulting Services at K3 Media. More posts, more online presence, more interactions, I promised it for 2012. I’ve promised it at the beginning of the year, I like to write and I won’t stop doing what I like the most. I’m back. I really appreciated all [...]

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Retailer – Real Basket Value in Retailing

by Jean-Francois BelisleJanuary 10, 2012 Retailing

Extreme couponing is not only one of these weird shows on TLC, it’s also more and more a way of living for many households. Since January is generally one of the months where households spend less and are looking to save money in opposition to the bloody months of November and December, I thought it [...]

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Traveling with Air Miles in 2012

by Jean-Francois BelisleDecember 12, 2011 Announcement

The sentence “I’ll be traveling with Air Miles in 2012″ may have different meanings. However, It will become clearer what it means for me in the next few paragraphs. I know I’ve been relatively absent from the social web for the last three months, except maybe on the LinkedIn website, where I’ve been more active [...]

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Back to School and Time for Google+ (Google Plus)

by Jean-Francois BelisleAugust 31, 2011 Social Networks

Hey kids and University students, it’s time to go back to school and enjoy learning with top notch educators. And if you’re looking for a way to “waste” your time on social media (it may transfer into an “investment” in the long-run but its usually a short-term waste), there are still old social networks available [...]

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13 Strategic Marketing Thoughts related to Vacations on Route 138

by Jean-Francois BelisleAugust 1, 2011 Strategic Marketing

Strategic Marketing thoughts and analytics are the future of business. This first sentence reflects my own opinion and is mainly written for search engines, the rest is not for machines but for you readers, . I have been digitally absent during the last two months to focus on my PhD dissertation, challenging strategic marketing research-related [...]

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Personal Brand Identity Spillover: The Dominique Strauss-Kahn Case

by Jean-Francois BelisleMay 17, 2011 Brand Crisis

Product-harm crisis and its associated brand spillover effects is a “relevant and spicy topic” in marketing that I am currently investigating in more depth along with colleague Bob Mackalski (more to come concerning this issue on this blog). Similarly, in the last few days, I must admit that the Dominique Strauss-Kahn (DSK) sexual scandal is [...]

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An Overview of QR Codes: From Web Analytics Tracking to Advertising to Grandma

by Jean-Francois BelisleApril 30, 2011 Advertising

During the last year, QR codes have popped up from everywhere around me as well as in most marketing circles in North America. However, for many people, QR codes still remain a mystery. This post is a humble attempt to decorticate what QR codes really are, both from a customer’s and an advertiser’s perspective. A [...]

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This Blog is 2 Years Old: Changes and Directions for the Next Year

by Jean-Francois BelisleApril 15, 2011 Announcement

This blog is now 2 years old and I’m happily surprised of its evolution during that period. Overall, the blog has reached an average of approximately 2150 visitors per month for the last three months. It has reached a diversified audience visiting from the United States (27%), Canada (22%), and from 127 other countries around [...]

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